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Adult Cerebral Palsy Clinic

Adult Cerebral Palsy Clinic

What is the Adult CP Clinic?
Life's issues change with age, and people with Cerebral Palsy often benefit from a comprehensive approach to medical care that is sensitive to these changing needs.
The adult CP clinic uses a team approach to support patients and their families over the life span.

What Services are Provided by the Adult CP Clinic?
The Adult CP team can offer comprehensive evaluations that may include psychosocial assessments, neurological examinations, attention to medical issues (including sexuality and women's health issues), and facilitation of specialist referrals as necessary.

When and Where is the Adult CP Clinic?
The Adult CP Clinic is held every third Thursday of the month, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., located at:
2350 Alamo Avenue SE, Suite 160
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Meet Our Team:

Toni Benton, MD, is a Medical Consultant and Family Practice doctor who serves as the Medical Director and as Family Practitioner for the Transdisciplinary Evaluation and Support Clinic (TEASC), which provides consultation services for adults with developmental disabilities.

John Phillips, MD, is a UNM Neurologist specializing in the care of children and adults with developmental disabilities. He has specific expertise in spasticity management, with active research in rehabilitation for cerebral palsy and traumatic brain injury patients

Vera Asplund, RN is a RN Case Manager with CoC who is in charge of the scheduling and management of the CP Clinic. She has eight years of experience in the field of developmental disabilities. Vera also participates in the Adult Special Needs Clinic.

Ingrid Nelson, MS, is the Senior Program Manager with the Continuum of Care Project. Ingrid makes use of all of her skills as an advocate, trainer, team builder, planner, and motivator, as her job is truly an evolving position. Her love of training still remains at the forefront in her current position, and she is always willing to educate so that individuals can be empowered and make informed decisions.

Lourdes Vizcarra, MD, is a Medical Consultant who provides clinical observation and participation in the Adult Special Needs Clinic at the Family Medicine Center. She also works for the Center for Development and Disability as a Physician On Call and as a Family Medicine Physician for the UNM Health Sciences Center. Currently, she is a member of the CP Clinic interdisciplinary team on an interim basis.

For more information and scheduling please contact:
(Some insurance companies require referral by the primary care physician before the day of your appointment.)

Vera Asplund, RN
(505) 925-2386

A Multidisciplinary Clinic Serving Adults with Cerebral Palsy and Related Neurodevelopmental Motor Disorder