Continuum of Care Project
Health Sciences Center -
UNM School of Medicine

2350 Alamo Avenue SE, Suite 160
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Main: (505) 925-2350
Fax: (505)925-2389
Toll free 1-877-684-5259
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COC offers a wide range of services to help support individuals with disabilities or chronic illness, their families and those that support them.

Consultation with Experts

The Continuum of Care Project has established a network of medical professionals at the University of New Mexico and around the state with expertise in developmental disabilities who are available for consultation. Specialty areas available include Pediatrics, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry, Neuro-Psychiatry, Gastroenterology, Gynecology, Nursing, Dentistry, Psychology, and Social Work. We can also arrange linkages with nationally recognized experts if necessary.

To request a consultation, please call the main CoC phone line (505) 925-2350; or toll free at 1-877-684-5259. You may also send a fax to (505) 925-2389.    In some locations, consultation will be offered via telehealth.  Consultations can be arranged with professionals in any of the above mentioned disciplines and in various settings.  Appointments can be made to meet with a single consultant or with a team of professionals in a multidisciplinary setting.  Outreach consultations are provided on a limited basis.