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COC Presentations

"Aging: Aiming for good years ahead" (11/17/17)

ADRC - Crlos Moya, Kyky Knowles

Care Transition Program - Carlos Moya, Kyky Knowles

Normal vs Usual Aging - Anne R. Simpson, MD CMD

Ombudsman Program

"19th Annual NMDDNA" (10/17/17)

Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation

 Healthy Sexuality - Jason Buckles, PhD, LPCC

Insurance Basics - Iris Clevenger RN, BSN, MA, CCM

"Pressure Injury" (9/29/17)

Basics of Pressure Injury Prevention and Wound Care  - Vera Asplund, BSN, RN, CDDN

"Epillepsy Update 2017" (5/5/17)

Pediatric Seizures - Jennifer A. Vickers, MD

"Until the Last Breath: Addressing End of Life Issues with Individuals with I/DD" (4/21/17)

Ingrid M. Nelson, MS

"Those Old Bones Got you Breaking Bad; Get to The Osteoporosis Update" (3/24/17)

E. Michael Lewiecki, MD

"Aspiration Management and Enteral Tubes" (2/3/17)

SAFE Clinic Collaborative Clinical Assessments - Fran Dorman

Pediatric Enteral Nutrition - J. Fridge

The Importance of Maintaining Good Nutritional Status to Prevent Health Complications Associated With Malnutrition - Jennifer Pas

An Extension of DDSD’s Mission to Manage Aspiration Risk - Lourie Pohl

Nursing Considerationis for Enteral Tubes - Mary Gallegos, RN

Comprehensive Aspiration Risk Management Plan for Individuals with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities - Toni Benton

"Making the Most of your Doctors Appointment" (12/16/16)

Salmha Azimy, BS and Alfreda Begaye, CMA 

"Sleep Well, Live Well: Essentials in Sleep Medicine" (11/11/16)

Diagnostic Testing for Sleep Disorders - Lisa Cutchen, MD

To Refer or Not To Refer: Sleep Evaluation is the Question - Shanna Diaz, DO

Circadian Rhythms“things your mother never told you about - Frank Ralls

Normal Sleep - M. Begay, MD

Sleep Disorders in Adults With Epilepsy - Dessislava Ianakieva, MD

Sleep Problems in Adults With Neurodevelopmental Disorders - Madeleine Grigg- Damberger, MD

Impact of Sleep and Sleep Deprivation - Nancy L. Polnaszek, MBA

"Guardianship. All in Together" (8/26/16)

Ingrid M. Nelson, MS

"Unlocking and Treating Depression in Adults with I/DD" (6/3/16)

Molly Faulkner

"Gender Issues in DD/MI Population" (7/11/16)

Molly Faulkner

"Unlocking and Treating Depression in Adults with I/DD" (6/3/16)

"Sexuality in the DD/MI Population" (5/9/16)

Molly Faulkner

"Advocating for Piece of Mind" (5/5/16)

Ingrid M. Nelson, MS

"The Great Divide: Is Oral Health Vital or Optional" (4/22/16)

Oral Health Basics - Stephanie Baca

Oral Hygiene Assessment and Treatment Strategies - Julie Mehrl, MOT, OTR/L

"Aging in the DD/MI Population" (3/14/16)

Part 1. - Molly Faulkner

Part 2. - Molly Faulkner

"Autism Spectrum Disorder and the DSM-V: Diagnosis, Comorbidity Interdisciplinary Approach to Intervention" (3/11/16)

Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Overview and Update - Brandon Rennie, PhD

Assessing and Working with Individuals with ASD: A View from on the Ground - Center for Self Advocacy

Chris Heimerel

"Neurology Update" (2/5/16)

Febrile Seizures andGenetic Epilepsy Syndromes - Joseph Harmon, DO

An Introduction to NeuroGenetics - Dave Shahani, MD

The Cost of Medicine and other Interests - Jennifer A. Vickers, MD

Featured Presentation (April-June 2015)

“Medical Acupuncture: Past, Present and Future” Mark Lee, MD   handout

"Depression" (4/17/15)

"Unlocking and Treating Depression in Adults with lntellectual Disabilities", Molly Faulkner, PhD, CNP, LISW

"Complementary and Integrative Therapies within our Personal and Professional Lives"  (3/27/15)

"Enteral Tubes: Review Express" (3/6/15)

Enteral Tubes: Review Express

Making a decision regarding tube feeding

On tube feedings

"Seizures: Causes, Classifications, Treatments" (2/13/15)

Seizures: Causes, Classifications, Treatments

"No Skin off My Back": Wound Prevention and Care in the I/DD Community (11/14/2014)

Pressure ulcers

Ostomy care

Wound Care Product Categories

  • "Pressures- Breakdown, Staging, Redistribution” Jassmine S. Safier BSN, RN CMSRN, CFCN, Richard Murdoch, PT, CWS

Pressure Ulcers

Pressure Redistribution


16th Annual NM DDNA Conference (10/24/2014)

Amber Clinic

The 15th Annual NMDDNA CONFERENCE December 6th 2013

"Aspiration Update 2013" Clinical Advances" September 20th 2013

"The Long and Winding Road" Challenges of Aging in I/DD 3/15/13

Dementia Training 2/8/13

Pain and Depression Training 1/11/13

14th Annual NM DDNA Conference 10/26/2012

Pain and Depression Training 3/9/2012

End of Life Training 1/2012

End of Life Issues

Psychopharmacology Training 5/27/2011

End of Life Training 4/29/2011

Enteral Tube Training 12/10/2010

Aging Issues for People with I/DD Training 4/23/2010

Connecting the Dots to Advocacy

Regional Trainings

Autism and Neurophysiology 10/22/14

End of Life Regional Training

Other Trainings

DDMI-TUG (Telehealth Users Group) PowerPoint Presentations