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CoC Videos and DVDs

The following video tapes and DVDs, some with associated handouts, are available for short-term loan from the Continuum of Care Project. We only have one copy of most tapes and some DVDs.

To arrange for a loan contact:
Eula Michaels at (505)925-2350
or by email at -

Recent DVDs:

April 29, 2011 training titled "End of Life Issues for Persons with I/DD":

  • "End of Life -- We Are All Going to Get There" by Alya Reeve, MD, MPH
  • "When the Time Comes: Collaborative Practices for End of Life Care" by Jan Jahner, BSN, RN-BC, CHPN
  • "Grief & Loss Awareness for I/DD Population & Caregivers" by Mary Gray, BA
  • "Advocating for Peace of Mind" by Ingrid M Nelson, MS
  • "Effectiveness Advocacy in Long-Term Care Settings: A Team Approach" by Shannon Cupka, M.Ed
  • "Case Study Discussion with Q&A Session" by All Presenters

May 27, 2011 training titled "Addressing Issues in I/DD -- Series I: Psychopharmacology, Seizures, and Behaviors":

  • "Seizures: Observe, Diagnose, and Treat!" by Jennifer Vickers, MD
  • "Assessing Abnormal Behavior," by Chris Heimerl, MSSW
  • "Good and Bad Uses of RXs: Principles of Psychopharmacology" by Alya Reeve, MD, MPH
  • "Case Examples & Discussion" by Chris Heimerl, MSSW, and Alya Reeve, MD, MPH
  • "Integrating Medication/Behavior/Environment" by Chris Heimerl, MSSW, and Alya Reeve, MD, MPH

Other Conference DVDs:

December 10, 2010 training titled "Ethical Considerations and quality of Life":

  • "Care and Feeding of Enteral Tubes" by Jeffrey Fahl, MD, FAAP
  • "Dietary Considerations" by Christine Trapp, PhD, RD LD
  • "Ethical Considerations and Quality of Life" by Lourdes Vizcarra, MD
  • "Nursing Considerations for Enteral Tubes" by Mary Wolff, RN
  • "Positioning People with Enteral Tubes" by Fran Dorman, PT
  • "Panel -- Case Studies" by all speakers listed above

12th Annual NM DDNA Conference, November 6, 2009:

  • "Celiac Disease -- It's Autoimmune Not an Allergy" by Alyse Drummond, RN
  • "It's My Body: It's My Health" by Leslie Hoelzel, MS, and Jeanne Des Jardins, BS
  • "Metabolic Disorders" by Randy Heidenreich, MD
  • "Prader Willie Syndrome" by Catherine LaRoque, M.Ed.
  • "Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease in the Indivual with I/DD" by Nanette Wrobel, RPh

Additional Videos and DVDs:

"Accessing Mental Health" by Analissa Watkins, LPN
(April 27, 2001 Workshop in Roswell, NM)

"Anxiety Disorders In Persons With DD" by Alya Reeve, MD
(July 27, 2002 Workshop in Farmington, NM)

"Aspiration Prevention, I'm Still Tod"
(Perspectives of a Man with Friedrich's Ataxia)
When Seizures and Disabilities Mix

"Do You See What I See" by Richard Madden, M.D. and Carla Fedor, RN
(April 27, 2001 Workshop in Roswell, NM)

"Evaluation And Treatment Issues Of Depression And Anxiety Disorders" by Alya Reeve, MD
(Nov. 16, 2001 Workshop in Las Cruces, NM)

"Fantasy, Fear, Or Function? Evaluation of Psychotic Symptoms in Persons with DD" by Alya Reeve, MD and George Davis, MD
(March 1, 2002 Workshop in Taos, NM)

"Issues on Aging and Developmental Disabilities" by Alya Reeve, MD
(April 19, 2001 Workshop in Albuquerque, NM)

Mental Health Series:
Anxiety Disorders in persons with DD
Evaluation and Treatment Issues of Depression and Anxiety Disorders
Evaluation of Psychotic Symptoms in Persons with DD
Issues on Aging and DD (Is it dementia?)
Supporting Individuals with DD through the Grieving Process
Trauma Spectrum Disorders
Bi-polar Disorder (coming soon)

"Stress Management In Persons With DD" by Alejandro Moralez, LISW
(April 27, 2001 Workshop in Roswell, NM)

"Supporting Individuals With DD Through The Grieving Process" by Sara McGee
( April 27, 2001 Workshop in Las Cruces, NM)

"Trauma Spectrum Disorders" by Teresita McCarty, MD
(April 27, 2001 Workshop in Roswell, NM)

Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation "Physical Management Module" (1989). A seven tape series:

  • Normal/Abnormal Development
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Therapeutic Handling and Positioning
  • Lifting People
  • Oral Structures, Swallowing and Digestion
  • Procedures to Promote Optimal Eating Skills (Parts 1 & 2)
  • Optimal Eating Skills Demonstration

Indiana University Institute for the Study of Developmental Disabilities, Indiana Resource Center for Autism (1994).

  • An Introduction to Autism (28 mins.)
  • Health Care Desensitization (15 mins.)

PACER Center, Inc. (1992)

  • "Speak Up for Health: Young People with Chronic Illness & Disabilities Speak About Independence in Health Care." (15:22 mins.)

New Mexico Department of Health

  • "Otis Media: The Hidden Risks." (15 mins.)
  • "Where Can My Brother Go?" (27:20 mins.)

The New York Developmental Disabilities Planning Council

  • Mary's Choice
  • La Decision de Maria

New Mexico State University, Family Preservation Institute (1992)

  • "Assessing & Using Family Strengths."

TheraEdT (1997)

A. Introduction to Service Concepts

  • Staff Stress & Coping Strategies (43 mins.)
  • Value Based Caregiving (1 hour 29 mins.)
  • Introduction to Dual Diagnosis (1 hour 47 mins.)

B. Introduction to Ethical Therapeutic Interventions

  • Introduction to Therapeutic Behavior Issues & Interventions (1 hour 52 mins.)
  • Legal and Ethical Issues of Service Delivery (2 hours 31 mins.)

C. Specific Psychiatric Disorders

  • Depressive Disorders (1 hour 33 mins.)
  • bipolar & Other Mood Disorders (20 mins.)
  • Anxiety & Related Disorders (1 hour 14 mins.)
  • Schizophrenia & Other Psychotic Disorders (31 mins.)
  • Personality Disorders (48 mins.)

D. Substance Abuse & Other Syndromes

  • Substance Abuse and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (1 hour 55 mins.)
  • Prader-Willi Syndrome
  • Tourette Disorder
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

E. Mental Retardation & Related Diagnoses

  • Mental Retardation: Causes, Effects & Responses (38 mins.)
  • Seizure Disorder: Causes, Effects & Responses (1 hour 7 mins.)
  • Autism & Other Pervasive Developmental Disorders (17 mins.)

F. Aggression & Other Special Topics

  • Aggression & Self-Injury Among People Who Have Mental Retardation (38 mins.)
  • Sleep Disorders: Causes, Effects & Responses (1 hour 4 mins.)
  • Issues Associated with the Aging Process in People Who Have Mental Retardation (17mins)

G. Introduction to Psychopharmacology & Pharmacokinetics (48 mins.)