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Alya Reeve, MD, MPH


Dr. Alya Reeve has been the co-investigator of CoC since 2004. She started collaborating with the project as the clinical supervisor for psychiatric diagnoses and treatments.

During an interview in 2006, Dr. Reeve expressed the opinion that working to decrease barriers to accessing healthcare is a complex process, especially for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Dr. Reeve completed her residency in general psychiatry in 1987 from University of Connecticut and Dartmouth University. After completing a fellowship in brain imaging at NIMH, she joined the University of New Mexico faculty in 1989. In her clinical work and research efforts, she has focused her energies toward understanding how our brain works through recovery from injuries or coping with mental illnesses and chronic neurological diseases. She has a passion for sharing her learning with fellow students of life. Dr. Reeve is a member of the tenured faculty at the UNM School of Medicine, with a position of Associate Professor. She is enrolled as a student in the Masters of Public Health at UNM to learn the disciplines necessary to address the health disparities for people with intellectual disabilities or traumatic brain injury and mental illness in New Mexico.

Dr. Reeve has been instrumental in helping to implement the Taos Pilot Project Clinic and psychosocial program (Tempo). One of her goals for the near future is to improve local (regional) access to high quality mental health care. She anticipates that individual patients will be participating as accepted members of groups, committees or boards planning for health service needs so that services can address the needs of community members.